Louise Blyton – Quiet Conversations


Title: Louise Blyton – Quiet Conversations
Duration: 9:37
Year: 2016
Director/DOP: Peter M Lamont
Music: Peter M Lamont
Description: Interview with Australian Reductive Artist Louise Blyton.

From www.louiseblyton.com.au

Louise Blyton is a reductive artist exploring the romance of raw linen and dry pigment. Her work is often in the form of shaped canvases or three dimensional wall sculptures.

Experimenting with colour, light and form, she explores the fragility of beauty through subtle shifts of colour in layers. The structure of Blyton’s work appears strong and bold, yet it is fragile and reveals evidence of the hand and thus invites a quiet meditation between viewer and work.

Blyton was born in Melbourne and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art at RMIT University in 1988. She has exhibited widely in numerous group exhibitions and has also curated group shows. She has had 11 solo exhibitions, has lived and worked in France and England and held a Redgate Studio Residency in Beijing, China. Her work is held in private collections in Australia, , England, France, Portugal, China and the USA.